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Allon Hill, MCIOB & MRICS

Hired as a Pool and Water Features Contractor in 2001 and hired more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Whilst working @ Johnston International in Provo, Dave and his team were employed to do virtually all pool and water features for a variety of demanding, individual Clients. Dave demonstrated key capabilities within his field of construction and was always on hand to provide clear and sound advice throughout the period of Tendering, Design and Construction.” June 26, 2010

Sandeep Jagger, Royal Realty

Hired as a Contractor in 2006 and hired more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“David and his crew were first introduced to me when he was working on a pool project at one of our villas. He was very professional in his emails and phone conversations with our firm and the Home Owners. Regular pictures and updates was a part of his work. He would be able to provide detailed information on where the project is and where it needs to go. His decades of experience in the field might have assisted him with this. The time lines that he was given has always been very strict to adhere to as vacation properties require maintenance/renovation works to be completed with strict deadlines, in my years of using his services he has always met deadline and other expectations. David is truly international in the projects completed around the world and as such brings fresh new ideas and technology to these islands.” April 28, 2010

Malcolm Coote, Harlequin Resorts UK

Hired as a Pool Design & Construction Contractor in 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

“David has demonstrated his ability to carry out a complicated swimming pool construction project including all associated MEP works and to gain Practical Completion on time. When required was able to provide solutions to variation/design issues helping to reduce costs. David and his construction team carried out their work in a professional productive workmanlike manner.” November 8, 2011

Tod Langdon, Principal, The Emerald Group

“I am Tod Langdon…for the past 25 years I have been in the super-luxury international hotel/resort development and construction business. David Seffer is a professional associate who I have known for several years and consider him a good friend as well. Our paths first crossed on a very challenging hotel/resort project in the Caribbean where David provided full principal involvement. David was responsible for technical expertise and overseeing the construction of approximately 35+ swimming pools and a number of water features. I attended daily meetings with David and found him to be professional and very knowledgeable in matters related to his area of responsibility. In addition, he provided procurement and logistics assistance in providing the materials needed to complete the works. He is very good under budget and schedule pressures. I later needed advice on staffing a resort project in Bali, Indonesia (140+ pools and water features). Thru his company, David was prepared to provide the resources necessary to manage this task. I have reviewed other projects completed under David’s and Island Projects (Provo) Co. Ltd. and have been impressed with the work. In short, I recommend David Seffer and his company to any owners, developers or PMs who are comtemplating pools and water features in their project. David is also a good family man and has proved to be honest and fair in his business dealings. If you have further, specific questions regarding David’s qualifications, I can be reached thru my Linkedin site. Attest, a true record, Tod D. Langdon Senior Project Director” November 8, 2011

Randy Morrical, Independent Hotel Construction Manager

Hired as a Pool Consultant and Installer in 2006 and hired more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“David has that uncanny ability to produce excellent work with minimal personnel and turns the work out on time and on budget. He is very knowledgeable as to the proper procedures and the quality of work that is expected in todays market.” November 8, 2011

De.De Bhatt, Project’s Team Leader, Gulf Petrochemical Services –D.L.P –Al Jauf L.L.C

“David is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.” November 9, 2011

Ian Arthur, BCQS Project Managers

Hired as a General Contractor in 2005 and hired more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Dave is a smashing guy, there is little he doesn’t know about swimming pools, over the years of knowing and working with him I have found his knowledge unparalleled. From the largest pool in the world (in Dubai) to the simplest hot tub, you can rely on Dave for efficient design, scientific pump and filter decisions and ALL options of high level finish which he and his team consistently achieve. I have never regretted employing Dave as a swimming pool contractor or employing him as an expert for specs and finishes.” November 8, 2011

Carlos Rodriguez, Estimator, Barnes Bay Development

“During 2009-2010 I worked on the Construction of the Viceroy Resort in Anguilla B.W.I. I was onsite for a period of one year and had the opportunity to meet a fair amount of profesionals including Mr. Seffer. In general in my profession as an Estimator I have to consults with all the trades in the construction industry in order to maintain an accurate database and also to perform my work effectively. I had the oportunity to work along with David on several occasions during my stay in Anguilla. David was always available and did not fail in providing well based input to the team and the project. His experience, knowledge and ability to get the job done proofs to be a great asset to the team. I highly recommend David Seffer and with all the best expectations. With all due respect, Carlos Rodriguez Project Manager /Estimator Mivan, Inc.” November 8, 2011

Gordon Millar, Project Manager, Motherwell Bridge Ltd

“David is a consumate professional who will ensure attention to detail and finished product quality” November 9, 2011